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In Mexico, close to 40% of social enteprises fail within their first year of operations, and more than 80% don´t survive past their third year; this is the case with most conservation and/or social development initiatives that run astray due to a lack of resources (and an ability to obtain/generate them), organization and strategic planning.

The members of TRDA seek to leverage our experience and resources to strengthen projects led by local leaders with commitment and credibility, that are immersed in the environments in which the problems they seek to solve are easily felt and over which they possess an in-depth understanding are best suited to address them in an efficient and assertive manner.

The need for financing and institutional structure for social initiatives in Mexico has led to new organizational and operational models that don´t fit traditional government, business or non-profit structures. The Regenerative Development Alliance seeks to foster these types of projects and to contribute to their long-term sustainability with a commitment to accountability.

The Regenerative Development Alliance´s strategic axes

Species conservation in the Mexican Caribbean and broader Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System (MBRS).

This project consists of monitoring, environmental education and quick response to negative crocodile/human interactions through a SOS group, one of its kind in northern Quintana Roo (Cancún area).

An important objective is to liase with the hotel and restaurant sectors in Cancún /Sistema Lagunar Nichupté for the creation of a long-term program that allows for the adequate management of the crocodile population in the Cancún hotel zone.

This project is led by Onca Maya, A.C.; whose president, Javier Carballar, is also the coordinator of the State´s Biodiversity Institute´s Crocodile working group.

Manatee project in Bacalar and Chetumal

Reef conservation

Training and organization in Banco Chinchorro and Xcalak

In order to study crocodiles, manatees, reefs, acquifers, cenotes, jungle, mangroves, etc; through the creation of voluntourism products aligned with needs established by scientific groups, besides managing direct-funding of projects with private and public funds, both foreign and domestic.

Acquifer and Cenote conservation

Community tourism projects